Sunday, July 7, 2013

Consumer advocates sue Telekom for speed brake - Spiegel Online

Munich – The German Telekom is because of the speed brake for Internet users since many months of fierce criticism. Now the group has to adjust to a legal dispute. Consumers Association of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to ban the Telekom to introduce further cutbacks, a spokesman for the “Focus” said.


urges consumers headquarters of the Bonn-based company a cease and desist letter. In it, Telekom shall undertake not to make more drastic speed capping. The group had such a declaration but not yet signed. The spokesman said the NRW consumer according to the report, there was danger of repetition. The consumer advocates therefore wanted “a landmark judgment, the consumer provides the security.”

early May had the Telekom introduced for new customers in the fixed network data limits beyond which the speed of the Internet connection can be throttled. The speed brake to take effect from 2016. More data volume users should then add an extra buy, as it is already common in mobile communications today. After a storm of protest from consumers and in parts of the economy, the Group changed the speed brake – instead of the previously planned 384 kilobits per second to many Internet users are slowed down only to two megabits per second

.but is criticized

Especially not the only restriction per se, but the fact that Telekom also plans to introduce a kind of two-tier internet. Thus, those data would be at the pace brake on the sidelines, incurred in connection with an additional telecom service called Entertain. Of course, the booking of the service charge.

critics see in this model, a violation of net neutrality. the principle that all data should be treated equally in the transfer. Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cartel Office review the telecom spaces currently for this reason.

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