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4 July 2013 17:27

The American start-up Lytro light field cameras now brings his to Germany. The rectangular, oblong box instead of individual pixels captured all the light in a scene. Thus, the user can also sharpen images after shooting. In the first short test that proves a bit awkward, however.

Lytro camera

(photo: dpa )

are annoying when the “wrong” people or things on a picture razor sharp view. Then the photographer can usually only try to readjust with an image editing program something. Another possibility is the camera that wants to make the California-based Lytro now also popular in Europe.

elongated box-like apparatus from the United States to work with light field technology. That is, they process millions of light rays through sensors, called Megarays. Instead of a conventional lens, the cameras have a network of tiny lenses for each pixel. And these lenses catch not only colors and intensity, but also the direction of movement of the light beam a.

This leads to the effect that the image after the triggering can not be focused. Thus, 3D views can be created and change the perspective in the image. To put anywhere on a photo in focus is a pressure on the 1.52-inch touch screen of the camera ranges. Alternatively, you can also change their shots later on the computer or your iPhone or iPad photographers: The Lytro transmits its images via WLAN to an app, but is currently only available for iOS. An Android app is planned, but the company calls still no date for it.

resolution of 1,080 x 1,080 pixels

The photos can be uploaded on the platform There, all viewers can change the focus. The recordings can also save as an ordinary digital pictures, then of course with fixed focus. Photos that are exported from the Lytro, have a resolution of 1080 by 1080 pixels

The Lytro is available in the colors gray, pink, blue and red will cost 579 euros and offers 16 gigabytes of internal memory. That should be enough for 750 pictures. All other models have only half as much space and are slightly cheaper with 479 euros. The cameras have eight times optical zoom and a built-in battery, eleven inches long and weighs just over 200 grams

launch of the Lytro for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is 15 July. In a first short test, the handling proved to be a bit strange, as the touch screen of the camera with less than four square centimeters but is quite small. To achieve good results, the unit should be kept relatively close to the target objects, which in addition should be staggered in depth. If successful, this makes playing with the sharpness quite fun – it must be worth only a 479 €


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