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Electric shock when telephoning: Apple investigates death - n-tv.de NEWS

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Monday 15 July 2013

A woman in China comes from electric shock killed – allegedly caused by her cell phone, iPhone 5 Apple wants to examine the case immediately. That the battery has caused the electric shock, but is very unlikely.

The woman had used a standard charging cable, shared with the family. The woman had used a standard charging cable, said the family (Photo: Apple).

Allegedly, a young woman in China suffered a fatal electric shock while using their iPhone fifth Apple wants to investigate the allegations. “We are very sad to hear about the tragic incident and express our condolences,” the company said. The Chinese news agency Xinhua had reported the case to the sister of the deceased had been made public.


wanted the 23-year-old to accept a call while their phone go to the store at the outlet. They’ve made the fatal electric shock. Police in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang confirmed to Xinhua true that the young woman had died of electric shock. However, it is not clear whether the smartphone had something to do with that the woman had bought in December 2012.

Hazardous connection to the wall outlet

In another report Xinhua warned not to use mobile phones while they are being charged at the outlet. According to the Chinese Consumers Association man in northern China was in 2010, died after he phoned his cell phone during charging.

That was the problem with the iPhone itself, is unlikely. For a fatal electric shock, the voltage of a lithium-ion battery would hardly be enough. Likely it is that the danger lay in the charger. There may be a short circuit caused the fatal accident. Damages from Apple has not yet called for the family of the deceased.

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