Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ninjas and apples: Samsung Galaxy S4 competes with new anti-iPhone-Spot -

7 July 2013, 10:21 am

vs. Samsung. Apple, an eternal story. While the two companies are actually business partners and Samsung supplies the company from Cupertino, among other flash memory, they are also bitter rivals. In many countries, firms patent lawsuits against each other cause. Samsung uses the whole or a mood and taunts against Apple over again in commercials. Now Samsung has for the Icelandic market is launching a new anti-iPhone commercial to promote the Galaxy S4.

Dancing Ninjas

new ad, a young man sitting in the open on rocks, cheerless halfway and wipes on an apple around. A few seconds later, he holds a Galaxy S4 in hand, which obviously better address their needs. And then it is bizarre. The scene switches to a kind of ruin with dancing, masked people who are supposed to represent something like ninjas. The relationship to the viewer, however, not be opened. The man looks back on his smartphone and biting into an apple. End of story.

Huge Marketing Budget

the spot was discovered by Android Authority, the judge accurately that it probably is the strangest so far Samsung commercial. The company can afford it. The South Korean manufacturer had, according to a report last year marketing budget of nearly 12 billion U.S. dollars alone for its Galaxy series.

Galaxy S4 commercial for Samsung Iceland

Recently Samsung has announced its quarterly results: among other things, the Galaxy S4 left the operating profit in the second quarter to increase by 47 percent to 6.43 billion euros. However, analysts had expected more and the stock price collapsed. Whether dancing ninjas may appease the shareholders, however, be doubted. (Br,, 07/07/2013)


Android Authority


Samsung profit rises clear – but missed market expectations

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