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The most reliable landline providers: for Telekom's getting close - NEWS

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Friday 05 July 2013

Nearly a month is measured, analyzed and evaluated. Now is the ranking of the best fixed-line provider in Germany: At the top of the Telekom holds, but the cable operator could make her the first place in dispute soon


voice and data transmissions were weighted equally in the test. voice and data transmission in the test were the same . weighted (photo: picture alliance / dpa)

The German Internet provider, the quality of their connections have improved considerably. To this end, the magazine “Connect” is coming to an extensive landline test. It is the fourth study, conducted by the magazine to the so-called NGN terminals. NGN stands for “Next Generation Network”, which are DSL or cable connections, connect the fast traffic with IP telephony.

that NGN will replace the traditional analog and ISDN lines ever, is beyond doubt. It is questionable, however, how well the individual providers meet the needs of growing traffic needs. Are the cables stable, even when phoning and surfing at the same time? If the bandwidth for uploads and downloads as high as stated? Users have to reckon with even total failure

The overall result gives hope: “It is clearly visible that the provider of the quality of their networks work,” was the conclusion of “Connect”. Most of the seven providers in the test included in the study with a “good” or “very good”, only in “Cable Germany” it was only enough for a “satisfactory”. Too often, here were the loading velocities below the promised data rate.

cable on the rise

The German Telekom had with their DSL connections defend the top spot in recent years. There was praise the “high and stable all-round performance.” The measured values ??were “nothing to be desired,” the testers found. Hot on the heels is the industry leader, the cable operator Unity Media, which is mainly active in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia and also showed little weaknesses. “Especially the major DSL providers should to competition from high cable penetration careful,” warns “Connect”. Not for nothing is the third-placed Vodafone wanted to incorporate the power cable from Germany.

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    Overall, according to the “Connect” editor in chief Dirk Waasen existed “in the area of ??high-speed Internet and voice still clear quality differences”. Was completely rely only on the “very good” candidates tested.

    For the test a total of 1.6 million measurements were performed on a total of 26 locations. Were analyzed, among other things, the voice quality and the transmitted data rate.

    DSL rates here compare


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