Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Growth in the battle against Apple and Samsung: HTC One Goes Mini - NEWS

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 HTC One: Award-winning flagship of the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer gets smaller growth HTC One: Award-winning flagship of the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer gets smaller increase (photo: picture alliance / dpa).

Thursday 18 July 2013

the smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple. After an attack on the Chinese. HTC is lagging behind the competition – despite the well-received by the market flagship HTC one. A smaller version is now to remedy the situation. The step is not dangerous according to analysts.

The Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC wants to lift with another smartphone model against strong competition from Samsung and Apple. The flagship HTC One is to get a smaller successor. The HTC one mini with a screen size of 4.3 inches will be available in early August in Germany, the company announced. The new smartphone is to build on the success of the HTC one. The big brother, also with Google’s Android operating system and numerous software features, but with a 4.7 inch large display and 2 instead of 1 gigabyte of memory, was about three months ago as a beacon of hope for HTC at the start.

HTC is one of the pioneers in the smartphone market, but could last no longer prevail against the market power of Apple and Samsung. Even Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei or ZTE set to the company as a market Neulingemit their rapid ascent. HTC now ranks in the smartphone league in the lower ranks. The HTC one yet reaped in the industry but with its features, performance and quality design several awards.

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    the previous HTC One’ve gained the awareness of the brand among young consumers clearly HTC, HTC announced. Whether the company brings back the expected momentum remains to be seen. Sales or revenue figures are not called HTC. The HTC one mini to Germany after the start


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