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24 July 2013 21:55

Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPlay: streaming stick Chrome Cast

(Photo: Bloomberg )

challenge to Apple: Google introduces the Chrome Cast, a thumb-sized device that you can bring online video to the TV. The streaming stick makes it the smartphone for remote control – and will cost only $ 35


There are two ways to introduce a new product in the world. You can press and professionals in a large concert hall and ask to pick one or the other celebrity on the stage and officially unveil the new device with a flourish. Or you can invite a few people a few – the rest is done online live stream – and sends the lead developer on a small, fairly unadorned podium. Of the new product then simply pulls out of his pocket.

happen when Chrome cast. About the USB stick-sized device that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV and connected via wifi to the internet. Then the user can play videos, music and other content on the TV via a smartphone, tablet or Chrome browsers. Much like Apple’s AirPlay – but not limited to the products of a company. Chrome cast will also work with iOS apps, it said at the presentation. A challenge to the competition in Cupertino.


detached from Google Chrome ecosystem cast is not: Apparently the stick must be registered in the user’s Google account. Appears in compatible apps – for example, YouTube or Netflix – an additional button that can send the video to the TV. Chrome cast relates the video directly from the network. Although the tablet or smartphone acts as a remote control, but the user can use the device for other applications, without interrupting the playback.

Smart TV for retrofitting

future versions of Google’s Chrome browser to be able to send that to the TV. Appears next to the address bar in Chrome Cast button to view a single browser tab on the TV – and this example galleries or Vimeo videos


Smart TV for retrofitting so. And not Google’s first attempt to win in this way a firm place in the living room. A year ago, Google had introduced the Nexus S, a streaming PC with Android operating system. Thus, online videos and music should be played on the TV. The Nexus Q was never sold -. Well because the accumulated complaints about the high price of $ 299 in advance

This fate is unlikely to flourish the Chrome cast. Google has apparently learned from the mistakes of the Nexus Q. The HDMI stick that can hardly less than its predecessor, coming in the next few days for only $ 35 in stores. Google also hopes that other devices in the future – possible DVD and Bluray players are just as television itself – come with built-in Chrome Cast on the market. And that as many app developers as quickly incorporate the feature into their apps.

lack of resonance, the Group can not complain in any case already present, 40 minutes after the end of the presentation it was said in American blogs that the stick was already sold on the Google Store

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