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Maps rectification: Apple makes navigation service provider -

class=”wp_keywordlink”> Apple has taken over HopStop Locationary and two other companies with their products, it aims to improve Apple Maps for iOS revealed. HopStop specializes in route planning by public transport, which offers, among other things for Berlin / Brandenburg and Ulm. Its mobile apps for iOS and Android also inform you about near bus stops, real-time call attention to schedule changes and estimate travel time and cost for a taxi ride.

Apple Maps in iOS Icon 6

routes in public transport are one of Apple’s mapping service remaining weaknesses dar. Anyone looking for transport links by train, bus or subway, is still referred to navigation applications from third-party providers, where they are installed.

also be bought Locationary is a Canadian start-up in Toronto. The platform of the Big Data company collects business entries, keeping them up to date and they are made clear. Apple could use them to inform with its map service on close stores and service providers.

Apple now confirmed the two takeovers, but gave no further information about his intentions. “Apple buys smaller technology from time to time companies, but we do not usually discuss our intentions and plans,” said a spokeswoman against

open is what is after the acquisition of the Android version of HopStop. Past experience can probably assume as their attitude by Apple. Following last year’s acquisition of Chomp, which offered referral and search for app stores, Apple dazzled the first Android results and then closed the entire company.

Apple still has urgent need to catch up with its own map application, which introduced it in September 2012 with iOS 6th His massive shortcomings – including false information, lack of places and extremely outdated satellite imagery – applied to the user. The problems forced Apple CEO Tim Cook to a public apology, and in this context also had iOS chief Scott Forstall go. This year, Apple CEO promised a further optimization of Apple Maps. The mapping software will also be integrated 10.9 Mavericks in the desktop operating system OS X, which will be released in the fall.

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