Sunday, July 21, 2013

Renewed Paypal glitch: Americans suddenly becomes Billiardär - NEWS

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Sunday 21 July 2013

A Americans no small surprise when he discovered his Paypal account status. An email of online payment service makes it unexpectedly to 92-fold Billiardär – at least for a moment. Paypal makes it possible.

The payment service became available only recently due to technical problems in the headlines. The payment service became available only recently, due to technical . problems in the headlines (Photo: REUTERS)

Who does not dream of one day owning so much money that you can buy everything yourself. For Americans Chris Reynolds, this dream became a reality. For a few minutes he was the richest man in the world. Money had the incredible blessing of entrepreneurs thanks to the online payment service Paypal.

The 56-year-old was in his e-mail box a message with its current account balance: 92,233,720,368,547,800 dollars! “At first I thought I’d trillion debt,” Reynolds told the U.S. newspaper “Daily News”. “This amount is not seen often. I thought a) this is a mistake and b) this is a huge mistake.” As Reynolds checked his account with Paypal, but the error was already fixed. The transfer was canceled, his bank balance was zero.

Paypal shows charitable

Paypal has acknowledged the mistake immediately and apologized officially. As compensation, the payment environment Reynolds was persuaded to donate to a charity of his choice. To whom the money went and how high was the sum did not reveal Reynolds.

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  • Even if everything went unscathed, lets hearken technical glitch with Paypal. Only in June the online payment service sent out wrong messages to gain thousands of customers. The demanding their winnings of 500 Euros. Paypal also admitted a technical error and said that the e-mails are valid.

    debt pay

    Reynolds took it with humor. He would have known exactly what he would have done with the 92 trillion U.S. dollars: “I think I would pay the national debt.” A little something for himself, he would have bought also: the baseball team of Philadelphia. “I love the team. The rest I would invest.”

    The thing is for him to have had positive effects, as the results rekindle old friendships, for example. After he published a picture of the elusive balance on his Facebook page, is reported from all over the known world. But other were happy. Buoyed by his momentary wealth Reynolds donated $ 30 to the Democratic list of his district.


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