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Treaty of 2001 Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is U.S. intelligence data available - Süddeutsche.de

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23 July 2013 21:15

Two weeks ago stressed Telekom CEO Obermann still, his company does not work with U.S. intelligence agencies. At least for the U.S. subsidiary T-Mobile USA does not do that – for that privilege is even regulated by contract


interception of communications data by the U.S. secret services did not begin with the 11th September 2001, the war against international terrorism. The American subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom – T-Mobile USA – has already committed by contract in January 2001 to provide the U.S. authorities communication data available. The reported the West German Allgemeine Zeitung ( WAZ ). The contract was concluded between Deutsche Telekom and VoiceStream Wireless company, as well as the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department. From VoiceStream Wireless was after the takeover by Deutsche Telekom’s U.S. subsidiary T-Mobile USA.

The contract that the digital Netzpolitik.org published blog , states in Article 2 that the infrastructure for all domestic communications in the United States must be locates. The American authorities, it must be possible to access the transmitted data if the legal conditions are given for it.

Telekom spokesman sees Netzpolitik.org over nothing unusual in the document: “This contract states that the American subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG owns American law.”

WAZ quotes a company spokesman, who says without the agreement would Telekom can not be active in the United States. In other countries, there are also corresponding agreements with the respective intelligence agencies.

In an interview, the Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann has given the Germany radio on monitoring data two weeks ago, it sounded different. To the question “Cooperates with the German Telekom secret?” reply this:. “No – that moment, stop We do not cooperate with foreign intelligence services, we cooperate in the framework of the G-10, which is the legal basis, the legal situation in Germany with our services That is, under strict legal requirements, we formally check whether they are satisfied that certain services may conduct investigations and also access data. But as I said, on the basis of the law. And I attach great importance. “

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