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iPhone shock: Chinese in a coma - Cheap PSU to blame? - T-Online

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socket (Source: imago  Chrome Orange)

Incorrect Chargers could be the cause of the recent iPhone accidents in China. (Source: Chrome Orange / imago)

In China, two people at a distance of a few days have suffered severe electric shocks, which are associated with their iPhones. As the Chinese newspaper Beijing Wan Bao and the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reports, a man has fallen into a coma when he joined his iPhone 4 to a charger. Previously, the case caused a stewardess for excitement that was electrocuted with deadly result in a similar situation.

According to media reports concluded the 30-year-old Wu Jiantong his iPhone 4 to a charger from another manufacturer, and thereby got an electric shock. The young man cried out, fell over and lay twitching on the ground, told the man’s sister.

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  • sister also got an electric shock

    When the nurse pulled the charger from the wall outlet, they would also get an electric shock, they further reported. “They were needle-like pain in my fingertips. The stream ran through my arms into the body to the feet,” she said Chinese media. The emergency services had to revive the 30-year-olds. Since then, the man is in a hospital in Beijing in a coma. The incident is already at 8 Have occurred in July. Wu Jiantongs condition is according to the newspaper Wan Boa currently stable.

    Wrong charger and adapter plugs

    While the doctor confirmed as cause an electric shock, said Wu Jiantongs sister that the charger is not original part came from Apple but by a third party. Even in the case of Chinese stewardess Ma Ailun that should come from an electric shock when making calls with their iPhone died, there had been no order original charger, reported the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV .

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    The station showed in his report the charger from a third party, which looks similar to the original from Apple. The charger was also connected via an adapter to the power outlet. This combination could be responsible for the risk of electric shock if one of the devices was broken.

    cheap devices and dangerous fakes

    chargers and adapters from other manufacturers are getting in China for very little money. The International independent Sicherheitsprüfunternehmen UL recently warned against the use of counterfeit Apple Chargers, after the company had tested such an imitation from China. The American technology expert Ken Shirriff already tested many USB chargers for smartphones and cheap products made with dangerous security deficiencies.

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