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Does the full moon night's sleep but the sleep? - Sü

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26 July 2013 08:58

Swiss researchers have shots of people taken from her archive, which dwelt at random during a full moon in her sleep laboratory. What were the data that physicians really surprised.

Hangs the moon huge and bright outside the window, many people believe poor sleep.

(photo: dpa )

The Moon insinuate people countless influences, though this mostly missing documents. The Chronobiologist Christian Cajochen of the University of Basel now published data, which he himself regarded as an indication that the person actually sleeps at full moon differently ( Current Biology , vol 23, pp. 10432, 2013) .

The team led by the researchers retrospectively evaluated data from 33 subjects who were for a purpose other study in the sleep lab at the University years ago, then of whether sleep is altered by the full moon around.

raised, among others, the EEG data showed that the subjects took an average of five minutes longer to fall asleep, and saw the entire night slumbering less than 20 minutes. In addition, it was found that the brain activity associated with deep sleep was reduced by 30 percent during a full moon.

proof of the influence of the full moon but it was definitely not, Cajochen says, “I myself am still very skeptical.” The sample size was very small, and the researchers were able to analyze only 27 nights in each of which a subject was asleep randomly at full moon in the laboratory. “These are very few nights, but the conditions were hyper-controlled,” says Cajochen. The influence of the full moon so remains a mystery.

Einschlaftipps ten aids for a good night

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