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Dragon Age: Inquisition – dialogue system based on player feedback redesigned

According to developers Bioware wude the dialogue system of role-playing Dragon Age: Inquisition revised massively over its predecessor based on fan feedback. This should be taken into account more conversations turn out much smoother and more subtle and also previous decisions and character values.

By Sebastian Klix |

Date: 21.07.2013, 18:07 clock

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players of Dragon Age 2 and of course the Mass Effect series it was a huge thorn in the given random points in the “dialogue wheel” not always offered a reasonable idea of ??what the character after clicking actually pronounce – let alone hinted the tone. In addition, some fans were the choice “to” simplistic and binary.

According to Bioware

An end is now well again. According to the developer studio at PAX Australia, the dialogue system of Dragon Age was : Inquisition based on player feedback massively revised. Thus you have put much more emphasis on a better flow of conversations in which the character values ??and properties as well as the date in tow hanging party members clearly more to come into play. In addition to the dialogue system also dynamically respond to previous decisions of the player. Or in focus: The whole thing should just fail subtle than in previous games


What applies to the dialogues, the way to apply also for exploring the game world – it should turn out versatile and comprehensive, not least due to larger regions. If so, we are likely in Dragon Age: Inquisition thus spared schlauchigen clone dungeons in Dragon Age 2


As well the refurbished dialogue system makes in practice and how big of exploration appeal does fail, we learn, however, until the fall of 2014, when Dragon Age: Inquisition for the current and new generation of consoles as well as PC appears


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