Friday, July 19, 2013

Mysterious accident: Chinese iPhone reportedly suffers electric shock - Spiegel Online

According to a report by “ZDNet” is a 30-year-old Chinese for ten days in a coma, because he should have received an electric shock from his iPhone. The article refers to Chinese media reported on Thursday about the incident. Accordingly, the man should have a blow when he wanted to charge the Apple smartphone into a wall outlet.

He should have called, “I get an electric shock” when he joined the iPhone to a charger. His sister was rushed to his aid and wanted to pull the charger from the outlet. According to information the Chinese news agency Xinhua she has “pain as pinpricks” felt. The current is flowed through her entire body down to the feet, while her brother was shaking and foaming at the mouth on the bottom.

the 30-year-old was admitted to the hospital, he should not have breathed. The doctors revived him. Only after three days, his condition is said to have stabilized. The doctors confirmed the agency that it had “no doubt an electric shock” traded in the accident.


Xinhua news agency reported that the man should have an iPhone 4 loaded with the charger from a third party, not with an Apple original part. In addition, it had been raining, the humidity was very high. That makes it at least plausible to believe that a spark discharge, a kind of small flash that have contributed to the accident could. According to Xinhua, neither the iPhone nor to detect traces of electric shock to the charger and both worked without problems after the event. What exactly was the reason for the accident, is so far unclear.

No single drop

If the representation of the sister of the victim’s true, it would be the second such incident involving an iPhone within a week. On Monday, Chinese media reported about a flight attendant who reportedly died from the effects of electric shock from an iPhone fifth The police has started investigations. Apple has also announced plans to investigate the incident.

The two reports from China remember a series of similar incidents that the media employed in 2007 and 2009. Among other things, a man died in southern China Guangzhou, after his cell phone exploded in his chest pocket and it tore his neck artery. As the cause of a cheap replacement battery from a third party in this case was been suspected.

The same was true for a case in South Korea, where a worker should be also died as a cell phone explosion. Later, however, it turned out that the man had actually been approached by a colleague and a construction vehicle. The fake phone accident should just cover up the real misfortune.


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