Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kim Dotcom: dispute with New Zealand Prime Minister - Heise Newsticker

The founder of the former

Share hoster Megaupload, Kim Dotcom (formerly known as Kim Schmitz), has spoken out in the Intelligence Committee of the New Zealand Parliament against the controversial new surveillance legislation of the country. During the hearing in Wellington-born German got together with Prime Minister John Key as the New Zealand Herald reports. According to the report throws a dotcom Premier Key responsibility because before that the 39-year-old was monitored in connection with the raid against MegaUpload platform by the New Zealand intelligence and data was passed on to U.S. authorities.

dotcoms appearance before the committee was ordered because of internet entrepreneur himself was affected by surveillance of the New Zealand intelligence, GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), whose powers are to be further extended. Dotcom was arrested at the behest of the U.S. authorities in his estate in New Zealand in January 2012. As it turned out later, the raid was to New Zealand law partly illegal, and the monitoring of phone calls and e-mails did not meet the legal requirements


Dotcom explained his concerns about the new legislation, which provides for monitoring the communications of New Zealand citizens and the dissemination of findings to police authorities, with their own experiences. He knows what happens when surveillance powers are abused. The new law will undermine the privacy of New Zealanders and expand the possibilities of Internet surveillance by U.S. authorities. Dotcom is currently on bail at large. He defends himself against extradition to the United States. The process to begin at the earliest in November. (With material from AP) / ( Manuel Nitschke ) / (axk)

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