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"Mother of all protests": Engelbart and the next big thing - NEWS

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 Rustic Design., the first computer mouse The red button is the mouse button. Rustic Design: The first computer mouse. The red button is the mouse button (Photo: AP).

Thursday 04 July 2013

By Roland Peters

Without him, Steve Jobs would probably not have become known, Windows and the Internet can not be another Douglas Engelbart. The Americans invented the mouse and ran the “mother of all protests”. An enthusiastic audience in 1968 by the “next big thing after LSD.”

Douglas Engelbart researched - and presented. Douglas Engelbart researched – and presented. (Photo: AP)

Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, has died. The man who is at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California and research as one of the most influential engineers of the computer age. Already in 1964 he built the first computer mouse. The enclosure was made of wood. A wheel sat in the movement of the device pointer movements on the screen to.

Several researchers have developed at that time those things, but Engelbart brought them before – in a frame that looks like a blueprint for all the presentations for the Apple trailer the now deceased Steve Jobs revered. This first demonstration of the computer mouse in December 1968, as the “mother of all demos” in the technology history.

While students across the world and civil society revolted against encrusted systems, Douglas Engelbart and more than a dozen other scientists Celt at the Stanford Research Institute at the technology of the future. Under the title “Research for the augmentation of human intellect” in December 1968, he presented a portfolio of revolutionary innovations. Besides the mouse, he was with William English, a graphical interface, hypertext, and a visualized filesystem.

Steve Jobs saw the potential

The patent, which Douglas Engelbart filed. The patent, which Douglas Engelbart filed . (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa)

About a year later was sent over the Arpanet, the forerunner of the Internet, the first message. One of the audience said to the hotchpotch of ideas, “This is the next big thing after LSD.” However, the commercial breakthrough for the graphical user interface of computers – much aided by the computer mouse – still took another 16 years. This had mainly to do with the fact that it was not appropriate compact computers for home.

the late 70s joined the legendary researcher Research “Xerox PARC” the computer “Alto” a mouse that lets you run commands on the computer, select texts and was able to open files.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs got the “Alto” in 1979 to face – and decided: the future Apple systems must also obtain such a user interface. The first attempt with the Apple “Lisa” flopped. But the Apple Macintosh in 1984 managed the breakthrough, including computer mouse. To get started, via DOS operating system command line, Microsoft went with Windows in the same direction, the visualization of files and their own motion on a virtual desktop – the desktop


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  •  Douglas Engelbart (1925-2013) 04:07:13 inventor of the computer mouse Douglas Engelbart is dead
  • “[Stanford Research Institute] issued the patent, but they really had no idea of ??the value,” said the inventor himself “A few years later came out that she the license for around $ 40,000 Apple had taken. “


    money was considered since the late 1980s with numerous awards, including the “National Medal of Technology”, the then U.S. President Bill Clinton awarded him in 2000 at the White House now deceased Engelbart. Now, one of the most important thinkers of the information age is dead He was 88 years old.


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