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2 July 2013 16:25

Walter Shimoon outside the courtroom

(Photo: Bloomberg )

What Apple wants to surprise the customer’s next? Such insider knowledge can sell high. The thought also of the employees of a supplier. Now he has been sentenced by a court.

had betrayed the employees of Apple supplier, the company secret plans to the mobile devices iPhone and iPad to stock trader must pay nearly $ 46,000 penalty. Because Walter Shimoon collaborated with the authorities in uncovering an entire ring of insider information offered he escapes prison. Similar to probation, he must have two years to meet additional requirements, the court ruled in New York.

Shimoon had confessed his actions two years ago. The now 41-year-old worked at Apple supplier Flextronics and therefore had insight into upcoming products. He sold this knowledge to punters. Therefore, they knew early on that the iPhone 4 has a second camera for video calls and that Apple would develop a kind reader -. Later than what the iPad turned out

Together with Shimoon and AMD employee Mark Anthony Longoria was sentenced to two years under special observation and to pay good $ 170,000, as the New York Attorney General announced. The 46-year-old had revealed plans by chipmaker AMD fee. He also later worked with the authorities in the detection of insider ring together.

A so-called expert network, the two had arranged to speculators who used the information received for their stock exchange transactions and imports huge wins. Such insider trading is banned, also because it discriminated other investors. The brains behind the network of experts had been sentenced to long prison sentences, among other things, thanks to the statements of Shimoon and Longoria.

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