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# Drosselkom: Consumer advocates want to appeal proceedings if necessary - Gulli

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German Telekom

German Telekom

Although the German Telekom has become significantly restricted the planned brake of DSL lines, it has been warned by the NRW consumer for the introduction of new clauses already in early May. The flow is the consumer advocate’s view “ an unreasonable harm to consumers “. The Internet brake ask the customer to a “hard patience “. “ Providers excel in advertising has always been with flat rate tariffs and speed promise “, criticized NRW Consumer Officer Klaus Müller, the behavior of the giant pink phone two months ago. “Who the juice for surfing then over the small print such turns off consumers, they can on the information highway on the emergency lane takes them stranded and thus the possibility for non-discriminatory access to all services.

Now you want to leave prohibit further drastic tempo brakes court. The VZ NRW required by Telekom has signed a cease and desist with the speed of other braking distance would be taken. So far, the Group has a contractual obligation but not yet sent back signed. Compared with the news magazine Focus said a spokesman for the Consumer that there was “ risk of repetition “. Essentially, it is the consumer advocates is to create a landmark judgment security for all consumers.

the restriction of Internet access on corrected 2mbit / s as “ undue harm to consumers ” views. Whether the rest of the Internet providers go along and make their contracts for new customers such as Deutsche Telekom remains to be seen. Either the competition tries to use the competitive advantage due to the lack of throttling, or you also to fit their own contracts to maximize their own revenue. All relevant retail answers to common questions on this topic have been summarized here by the Consumer.

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