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19 July 2013 18:18

There are 37 million Wikipedia articles, written by 40 million authors. No wonder that there are regular armed with facts and formulations. Researchers now show what is being hotly debated in the encyclopedia.

Scientology? Comprehensible. Adolf Hitler or Jesus would have certainly believed in the first place. But Croatia? Because it’s just been added to the EU? Because Croats in Germany are discussion joyful than other citizens? The reasons you do not know the numbers already.


Croatia is ranked one of the entries in the German edition of Wikipedia, the formulation of the authors was particularly controversial. Found out that has an international team of researchers has combed through 13 language editions of the online encyclopedia for controversial entries.


authors have written 40 million to some 37 million articles in 280 languages. That is discussed in detail on the entries is known. Also that Wikipedia is a playground for right partner and alls. It was not clear so far if need be, about what is being fought there so enduring.

In search of answers, the researchers from Hungary, the U.S. and the UK have come across interesting cultural differences. According to the study of politics as is very often argued in Persian, Arabic and Hebrew Wikipedia. Spain and Portugal on the other hand are characterized by a pronounced passionate discussion when it comes to football clubs. French and Czechs argue very often formulations in science and technology. Whereas Chinese and Japanese are in manga and TV shows to talk about the cross.

religion and anti-Semitism are perennial favorites

the German Wikipedia Croatia follows the entry into Scientology, then comes an article about conspiracy For 9 / 11th With some exceptions, it is in this country as anywhere else in the world. It is controversial especially when religion and anti-Semitism are being debated. In addition, however, like elsewhere and often quarreled little surprising.

exciting but the results are not only in retrospect as a document of our time. The researchers want to dig in the mountain of data and thus positive purpose for the future. “We believe that this form of case study could help social scientists understand more about the human community,” writes Taha Yasseri, one of the co-authors.

It should also address the question of how to make internet projects in the future so that it is less likely to fight. The paralyzes Wikipedia, the erstwhile flagship project on the Internet for quite some time. The number of authors has been declining for years, many complain about the harsh tone. A more detailed data analysis now could lead to proposals for action and maybe even a redesign of Wikipedia.

Link tip: Here is the list for the German-language Wikipedia. Here is what is particularly controversial in the English Wikipedia. All other investigated Wikipedias are available here.

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