Saturday, July 20, 2013

Map Offensive: Apple takes on two foreign companies - WinFuture

Internet & Web Services With and Apple has bought the weekend two startups that promise value for card services. Cupertino seems to be working hard to make his map disaster of last year behind him.

HotStop is a service designed to navigate as a pedestrian, driver or by public transport to typical goals in foreign cities. So far, most of the two million users are found in North America. In Germany there are currently only Berlin / Brandenburg and Ulm entered into the database.

What dollar amount Apple has spent on the service remained under financial agency Bloomberg initially open. But surely would be that the existing data on local connections and transactions as soon as possible integrated in the map material from Apple.

Locationary also collects data to local shops, still both users as well as other sources. The Canadian company also plans to provide further information on discounts, job offers and other current promotions. Nearly 200 million business profiles has already collected this startup. Apple confirmed the acquisition, according to AllThingsD, but as usual made no indication of the purchase price.

When Apple late last year launched a s elf-Map application and thus wanted to compete with Google, this first ended in a debacle, for which Steve Jobs’s successor, Tim Cook had to apologize even. Although Cupertino has now reworked in many areas, but it probably also realized that users do not only want to know the history of roads, but just expect specific additional information from maps on mobile devices. With the acquisitions of a foundation may have been laid for it in the Apple universe. Exciting but remains when the innovations from North America reflected mainly in the European use.

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