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Vodafone Mobile Internet may not advertise "boundless Surfing" - Sü

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19 July 2013 16:47

“Ideal for unlimited surfing” Vodafone claimed through one of its smartphone tariffs: A court has the mobile provider now forbidden to advertise with these words – because of Facebook, Skype and Youtube fee was due.

“Unlimited surfing”, but for Facebook, Skype and Youtube pay? This includes the Consumer Federation (vzbv) to view each other out. The Dusseldorf Regional Court agrees. The time now corresponded to a lawsuit the organization that directed against the mobile operator Vodafone.

With these words, the Group may not advertise its mobile tariffs in the future – as long as it limits the use of internet in the small print. Vodafone had therefore its smartphone tariff “redM” with the words “ideal for unlimited calls and surfing” advertised.


were to have only an extra charge of € 9,95 a month so-called peer-to-peer connections, such as for chatting on Facebook and Skype or file sharing networks and YouTube. Learned about it the only customers in the small print or after several clicks to footnotes at the bottom of the screen.

According to a survey of vzbv limit on an offer to almost all the major suppliers using the Internet. Board Gerd Billen described this as a “two-tier society” on the Internet: Everyone has the right to non-discriminatory access to online services and content. The federal government should therefore enshrine net neutrality law, Billen said.

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