Friday, July 26, 2013

Swiss scientists confirm: insomnia during a full moon is not a myth - ABC Online

evening beer and a full moon Swiss researchers has brought an idea. They compared the data of a completed sleep study with phases of the moon and came to the conclusion. Sleepless at full moon – maybe not a myth

full moon around people sleep worse and shorter . The report by researchers from the Centre for Christian Cajochen Chronobiology of the University Psychiatric Hospital Basel in the journal “Current Biology”. You have in a study by its own account for the first time found a convincing scientific evidence that the moon actually influences the human sleep. It is also a game of hormones.

Beer and full moon led to research

The idea came to her study, researchers at having a beer in a bar – in a full moon night. They thought, once again re-evaluate the data of a completed sleep study and taking into account the phase of the moon. In the study, researchers had previously examined various aspects of the sleep-wake cycle in 33 volunteers.

Your new analysis now revealed that the subjects had used extra five minutes on average during a full moon to fall asleep. They also had less sleep per night total of 20 minutes and the quality of their sleep and poor self-assessed.

full moon lowers melatonin levels

And there were measurable biological evidence of a “moon” factor. The brain activity showed that the length of deep sleep decreased, the researchers report. Finally, the full moon fell and the melatonin levels. This hormone is involved in the control of sleep and wakefulness.

This is the first reliable evidence that a lunar rhythm of sleep can affect the structure of the people, the researchers write. Maybe the moon also influences other aspects of our behavior, such as mood or mental performance.

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