Sunday, July 7, 2013

Germany increased its bandwidth cable entry Internet Rates -

cable Germany the download speeds of its entry-level Internet rates has increased. As of now, the best “Internet & Telephone” offer transfer rates of up to 10 Mbit / s Previously, up to 8 Mbit / s downstream were possible.


the name of the tariff, the cable operators according to “Internet & Phone 8″ to “Internet & Telephone 10″. At the same time the price of EUR 12.90 was reduced to 9.90 euros in the first six months. Afterwards, drop by the end of the two year contract period unchanged at 19.90 euros per month.

The other contract terms remain the same. These would include the upload rate of 0.6 Mbit / s and the free landline flat in the first three months (after 5 euros per month), which can be terminated at any time by four weeks after purchase.

The tariff “Internet & Telephone 16″ with 16 Mbit / s downstream and 1 Mbit / s upstream cable has Germany by the package offer “Internet & Telephone 20″ replaced. With it, download rates of up to 20 Mbit / s should be possible. Moreover, the price of 19,90 euro over the entire minimum contract period of 24 months, a fixed flat rate included. From the third year monthly fall to 29.90 euros.

earning three years, the new offer – despite the higher bandwidth – only slightly less expensive than the old, the beat in the first six months and € 17.90 in the subsequent period to 24.90 euros. € 854.40 instead of paying customers in this period 836,40 €. For four years term of the new tariff is even more expensive.

offers available from today apply only for new customers with orders to 2 September 2013. Contracts of existing customers remain unaffected. The unique position of already paid for all “Internet & Telephone” products is 39,90 €.

With the new tariffs cable Germany is also developing its throttling the transmission speed. From a total data volume of more than 10 GB per day, it reserves the right to limit the bandwidth to 100 kbit / s. Currently it performs the throttling only by starting at a volume of 60 GB per day. Unlike it plans to German Telekom, but the throttle cable in Germany is only valid for the same day held for a month and only for file-sharing applications.

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