Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Who ansurft Google Play store on the computer has to adjust to a new look: Google sets the long-awaited project to fit and the web layout of the app on. A few useful functions go here unfortunately lost.

the Google Play Store has transformed: now also looks like the browser version from the app on the mobile devices. For this, Google has cleared out properly: The new design looks tidier than before, but also a bit limited. At a glance you get less content displayed.

Users are now “easier to browse and discover new favorites,” it says on the home page. Google uses this to larger images and symbols are arranged tiled. The central element is the navigation menu on the left side of the screen that can be controlled via the various headings. In addition to apps, movies, music and books, there are also the “Devices” area in which Google’s hardware is sold. In part, you have a lot more scrolling and clicking to get to the content.



Because the individual offers to get more space, leaving more space for information. Thus, for example, equal to the apps in user reviews recognize. Customer Reviews for Products grouped Google Play but automatically from now on. Be the first to leave positive or negative comments, but is not possible.

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  • also lacks some features of the old play version. In the “My Apps” for example programs can no longer uninstall or upgrade by clicking. Lets you view the installed apps, you also get displayed applications that you have uninstalled a long time again. Also lack information about which apps are on what devices locates. This is awkward for everyone who uses the example Android smartphone and tablet. It is quite possible that Google still nachbessert.

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