Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chrome cast presented: Google wants to conquer TV sets - STERN.DE

 Google Chrome stick, Apple

With the newly introduced Chrome stick moves the competitors Apple and Google in the race for streaming content on the TV to the fur ©

G oogle makes a new wireless stick for Apple TV competition. The new device, called Chrome cast can bring Internet content to TV screens, according to the search engine company. In Chrome Cast run a stripped down version of the operating system Chrome OS, Google announced at a presentation. With the stick that is plugged into the back of the TV, users can transmit over various smartphones or tablets contents on the TV.

The Chrome cast will be available immediately in the U.S. for $ 35. A start in Germany is planned later. Apple is already active with a set-top box to the TV market. It is connected to a TV or a monitor and can play different media on this content, it receives over a local network.

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