Thursday, July 25, 2013

Study: Researchers demonstrate influence of the moon on sleep - Spiegel Online

Now there is scientific evidence, which many people know from their own experience: When the moon is ever increasing, the quality of sleep decreases. Swiss scientists have been able to prove this relationship in a study, as they report in the journal “Current Biology”.

Researchers at the Basel Chrono biologist Christian Cajochen analyzed data from previous studies, again in relation to the lunar cycle. Information were included in the analysis of 17 young adults and 16 older people who had stayed several times in the sleep laboratory. While their brain waves were recorded, as well as the movement of the eyes and the release of certain hormones -. Including melatonin, which plays an important role in the control of the day-night rhythm

20 minutes less

the internal clock of the participants not to confuse, they slept in the laboratory at similar times at home. The conditions were the same for all: little light, a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, snacks and drinking water as needed. Above all, got the test sleeper neither the time nor evidence on the current moon phase.

this, the electroencephalogram (EEG) reflected more clearly against the clock of the moon. At full moon were found in the brain flows 30 percent fewer delta waves, which are regarded as signs of deep sleep. Participants also took in an average of five minutes longer to fall asleep. The bottom line is that their sleep shortened by as much as 20 minutes.

Participants self-rated their sleep as well as subjectively worse in these phases. In addition, the hormone levels decreased: only about half as much melatonin was paid at the full moon, so probably got the internal clock also overall a bit confused

. moon cycle as a legacy from the past

“In contrast to the day-night rhythm lunar rhythms are not so obvious and more difficult to document – but they do exist,” the researchers to conclude from the results Cajochen. So far, the influence of the moon already in marine animals could be detected. So also the Moon moves in the pitch-dark deep sea plankton following up and down.

Still puzzled scientists what is on the people behind the measurable influence of the moon. Christian Cajochen suspected, the rhythm could be a relic from earlier times, when the moon is even more important for the clock had been living together. But that does not explain how exactly does the Earth’s satellite on the body.

gravity, the researchers conclude from anyway. Although the tidal effect is clearly in the oceans but does not extend to smaller waters -. Amounts of water in a human body not to mention


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