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All the rumors about the new Apple phone: iPhone 5S or iPhone 6: Apple does ... - ABC Online

Apple experimented according to a newspaper report with larger screens for the iPhone and iPad. Other rumors that there will be the apple mobile phone in the future a cheap version with colorful plastic housing.

22 JULY: Apple experimented according to a newspaper report with larger screens for the iPhone and iPad. The Group had ordered prototypes of mobile displays with a diagonal of about 4 inches and tablet screens of almost 13 inches, reported the “Wall Street Journal” on Monday, citing manager of supplier companies.

IPhones have smaller screens than many smartphones the competition. Apple previously stated that this was so, so that the phone can be operated with one hand and because larger displays meant compromising on the quality. Competitors such as Samsung smartphones offer contrast in many different sizes. Apple is known to test different device models that do not come on the market.

5 JULY: The iPhone 5S will probably come in a cheap version with plastic housing on the market and are beautifully colored – about the rumor mill is agreed. Now images from the production have surfaced on the net, at least that is claimed. You can see the back of the Apple mobile phones with three colors, yellow, red and green. The photos are from a Chinese website, the French side Nowhereelse she has also published, together with a set of batteries in a factory hall. This could mean that the next iPhone is already produced.

The U.S. side has also published MacRumo rs iPhone 5 images. However, these are not real photographs and design studies. They show how the next Apple phone might look like in a plastic housing.

24 June: The rumors about the next Apple phone got through a few new food photos. The images that the technology blog MacRumors has received reportedly show the iPhone 5S – and a prototype . You can see the inner workings and the back of the phone. You can not see much, but from the details can nevertheless draw some conclusions. The bloggers have identified, for example, the date on the chip. There is 1243, therefore, the chip was in the 43 Week 2012 made – so pretty early. This may indicate that the iPhone 5S the same processor powers as in the predecessor iPhone 5

However, the battery is significantly larger than previously, therefore the next Apple phone would run much longer. Also should be able to recognize a dual LED flash on the pictures.
18 June: about a week ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook at the keynote at WWDC developer conference novelties – but unfortunately no new iPhone. If Apple keeps up with its schedule the last two years, is the latest in the autumn a new smartphone on the market. Now rumors seem to confirm that the group is working on a giant iPhone. The suppliers in Asia to have been informed, reports the Reuters news agency. The Apple phone could then get a screen with 4.7 or even 5.7 inches. This is apparently not yet decided. On the iPhone 5, Apple had the first time the screen size of mobile phones changed -. Instead of 3.5 inches, it measures 4 inches

Besides the giant mobile phone will come on the market but also a cheap iPhone – available in different colors and with plastic housing. ” / p>

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