Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Google Play Games: The Android Game Center - Phone &

Google also has its central administration Games Play Games for Android presented to the press event for the Nexus 7 and Android 4.3. Whose functions are similar to Apple’s Game Center and to make playing on Android at least somewhat comfortable and social future. The APIs, Google had presented at the Google I / O in May, the developer, now the first version for tablets and smartphones in the Play Store is available.

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Play Games, there are smartphones and tablets. Games use all the functions are still scarce. enlarge In Play Games application all at Play Store bought games listed, not even installed games to display. For custom games, users can back up saved games in the cloud, sync over multiple devices to make and distribute as virtual trophies for achievements. In the unadjusted he only has the option to start the game and get some info.

There is also central high scores and the ability to invite friends to multiplayer games. However, they must have a profile on Google+. Thus it should be possible later, cross-platform play and compare the performance. What games have installed the friends is not currently displayed. Acquaintances on Google+ are flat displayed as a possible player. In the settings you can at least prevent games annoy friends with notifications of the latest high score or turn, these inquiries.

games using play games in full are so far few and far between. You can even not specifically filter out. Some of the new options for example use Riptide GP2 or Osmos HD. (asp)

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