Monday, August 4, 2014

Unilever brand chief Marc Mathieu: “Technology is changing human … –


Marc Mathieu is for two years head of brand management Unilever (Photo: Unilever)

For a little over two years, Marc Mathieu is now Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing for consumer goods manufacturer Unilever – and controls in this function, the brand strategy of the world’s second largest advertisers. In an interview with HORIZON chief editor Uwe Vorkötter the ex-Marketer of Coca-Cola talks about sustainable strategies in the digital world. HORIZONT.NET published excerpts of the conversation

About the importance of technology in marketing.

Marc Mathieu : Technology is only to the extent of importance, as it changes human behavior. And do the new technologies. Just one example: We are currently experiencing an integration of marketing and sales, particularly apparent in the e-commerce. Keeping people informed in the network and then buy in the store. Or they inform in the business and then buy on the net. The spheres move closer and closer together.

via digital media and social networks:

This is a development that began with the Big Bang. Since then, the world is becoming increasingly complex, and the pace of change is accelerating. Something we can not change anything. But we can in this complex world of communication to build bridges to the people much more personal and individual than previously

over traditional advertising.

I like the French word for advertising: publicité . It describes exactly what it is, namely make something public. Previously was on the marketplace of the man with the drum, which had something to announce. Then came newspapers and magazines, and later television. It was about mass communication to the 30-second spot in prime time, the display, the poster. Only this were we ever media. Today we have the opportunity, but also the need to approach much more personal to the communication. The smartphone is the symbol of the new communication for me. Many of us have the same model, but each has its own individual home screen

On the difference to his work with Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has an enormously strong central brand that gives the entire company name. This brand conveys a clear message: Refreshing the World. It’s all and always about refreshment. Unilever is different. Unilever accompanies people through their daily lives. When you get up and brush your teeth, you have to deal with our brands in personal care, in the kitchen, we share a lot of small moments.

Over the emerging markets in India and Africa :

It is extremely important to understand these markets. In 2022 the population of Africa will be an average of twenty years old. Every two months the population in the Third World on the order of a metropolis such as Beijing grows. These are people with new and different needs, customers will discover a world of opportunities. It’s an exciting task to be marketers at this time. No easy task, but an exciting. Invent new marketing to improve the lives of future generations and help shape their everyday lives

Read the full interview in subscribers HORIZON edition 31/2014, which was published on July 31
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