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Evan Blass: How OnePlus more women could be delight for Technology … – Mobilegeeks

Late at night I want you here to present a new member of the Mobile Geeks family. His name is Evan Blass and I guess quite strongly that many of you likely know him, at least if I her Twitter Nickevleaks call you, under which he has brought so many companies with its leaks to despair. As of now, he is one of our US-side cut to twice a week in the keys and bless us with editorials or commentaries.

In his first paper takes Evan the “ladies first” campaign OnePlus on to say the least gone a little in the pants for the company. He turns directly to OnePlus and called the same five points with which you could do much more for women in the technology than with such a PR campaign. Dear People: Curtain up on Mr. Evan Blass:

Evan Blass: How OnePlus more women could inspire technology – to ensure Without beauty pageants

As a company we try constantly making sure their own marketing content “go viral”, but the “virality” of Chinese startups OnePlus achieved exactly the opposite viral publicity had hoped for as the company. As one of the so-called “Ladies First” -Contest bekanngab in which a Selfie with a visible in the image [1 +] logo should be the ticket to participate, the company did not identify the winner with a random draw, but of unknown members of his certainly mainly of men existing marketing and PR teams. I suspect they wanted to address in this way mainly male user base of their own forum by lured the male fans with the promise of publication of pictures scantily clad ladies (but, “Please no nudity”).

But the contest ended (actually he was rather withdrawn) mainly because of the fact that almost every major publication drew attention to the insensitivity of OnePlus and the dubious message that brought the action over to men and women alike. Although a few women did not agree that their services with great dedication poses were almost immediately removed from OnePlus again, but in general it was actually agreed: “You have to keep them good that they did ultimately the right thing, but how could it ever come so far? “

In a confession published today, marketing director Carl Pei tried in a brief excuse to portray the company as in gender sensitive operating company that gladly pick more women in the technology industry wants . Of course, this approach is usually used in a context in which it comes to careers in technology prepare more women, not to reward them for their already existing interest in technology – and that they thereby also look good. However, these are actually a laudable goal, which is why we would like to submit a list of things the company OnePlus how to overcome the gender differences without applying because of the publicity so important media in one day against them:

OnePlus Sexist title Evan Blass: How OnePlus more women f & # xFC r technology inspire k & # XF6; might Without Sch & # XF6; nheitswettbewerbe

proposals to strengthen the position of women in the tech industry:

  1. Provides more women! Charity begins at home, so you should still be made directly within the company itself and the initial set technology-savvy women. Targeted promotion of women may sound a little corny, if it be very generalized, but just based on the technology industry, where the gap between the sexes is so blatantly in really all industries and distributed to all occupational levels, it might make perfect sense be and just to bring some balance
  2. Creates incentives for women who are anyway already busy in your company -.. paid them the appropriate training or creating internal training programs
  3. Donation of a portion of your profits (yes, yes – I know: OnePlus and profits …) to a fund for scholarships hang at a university with an emphasis on technique (equivalent to MIT, the RIT or Stanford), which is designed exclusively for women. This could ensure that you – even if it takes some time -., More women can achieve such a high degree that qualifies them for a high-tech career
  4. Works with the local primary schools together, so that there early can stimulate interest in mathematics and science in young girls and you can show them ways for college and beyond.
  5. Seek out sponsors or partners from areas that already make today a good job here, when it comes to the field of engineering or programming specifically promote women and support.

We know already that you have done a good job at OnePlus and a product on the has brought market, which was well received and has earned great reviews. You need no strange or sexually charged competitions to attract more attention. The people in the forum come because of the interesting news of thoughtful insights and because you want to talk animatedly about your products – and not to drool to examine a hot teacher who wants to win a mobile phone regardless of the social consequences. ” / p>

In a nutshell: Goes to the problems between the sexes with meaningful initiatives – and not according to transparent gift-actions, of which the men involved benefit significantly more than women



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