Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Microsoft is working on “DeLorean” Game-streaming technology – Gulli

When Sony announced to continue to cloud gaming, and setting the streaming of games, now Microsoft commented on this technology. The company is also working on such a system, on which the games will run smoothly streamed.


delay free via the cloud play


One of the problems of cloud gaming are the lags, so the reaction delays. Are you using a command controller, about to fire a weapon, so this is passed over the Internet delay line. This is a crucial factor which can determine victory or defeat, especially in competitive multiplayer games. To compensate for these delays, Microsoft is currently working on the “DeLorean” technology. The technology combines a plurality of systems to compensate for delays of up to 250 ms.


DeLorean mimics playing a low-latency network to and testers of the system were very impressed and would prefer instead to play with DeLorean with traditional links.


However, Microsoft currently has no plans yet to use DeLorean also for high-end games. Currently the technology for mobile and tablet games, and games on the TV and other devices without high-end graphics accelerator is intended. How such a future might look like for consoles, it is Microsoft is still silent from. One can probably assume that Microsoft will rely on cloud gaming, the system should eventually be so far advanced and optimized so that you can play it without delay and high-resolution liquid. But until that happens, it will be years in which Microsoft will continue to rely on the traditional consoles for some time. Because Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the company intends to invest in the future in the Xbox brand and services. / From


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