Thursday, August 28, 2014

Computer at JP Morgan: FBI suspected Russia after hacker attack – Reuters


Washington / New York The computer systems of the U.S. banking giant JP Morgan Chase are, according to a media report in mid-August by Russian hackers been. In the attack confidential data had been lost, reported Bloomberg News on Wednesday, citing two insider not described.

A member of the U.S. government have confirmed the attack on JPM and even talked of four other banks that were attacked, Bloomberg reported later in the evening. It should be a very professionally executed cyber theft of very large amounts of customer data.

According to sources, the large European banks could have been the victim of hacker attack. According to a bank that does not itself have been affected, but said to have been briefed by the FBI, even information has been captured, which could be used to liquidate clients’ accounts.

“companies our size have unfortunately almost every day with Cyber ​​attacks to do, “said a JPMorgan spokeswoman said,” Wall Street Journal “reported that consistent with Bloomberg. “We have multiple layers of defense to counter these threats,” the spokesperson continued.

The Bank should have hired some employees in recent weeks that have experience with Attack Detection in the Defense Ministry. JPM CEO Jamie Dimon had already announced in his annual letter to shareholders, they would in 2014 take more than $ 250 million in hand and set about 1000 people to ensure cyber security.


It is time for business owners to rethink in the defense against cyber attacks: Rather than limit the damage, should they invest more in security. A comment by Reuters editor Ina Karabasz.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate now is whether Russia with a state-controlled cyber attack for recent trade sanctions from the West could have avenged. The U.S. security services had traces found, pointing to the involvement of a government, but were not sure yet. Now the NSA to help with the education, they said.

The relationship between Russia and the West deteriorated sharply because of Ukraine conflict. USA and EU try especially with tougher sanctions pressure on Russia to build. New measures of Brussels had recently answered with an import ban on agricultural products from the EU Moscow.


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