Monday, August 25, 2014

Sensors in the Internet of Things: “The cloud technology was for us the next … –

Sensirion strengthens its position in promising markets such as Internet of Things, Smart Home and wearables and has acquired a license to the cloud software Koubachi AG. Andrea Orzati, Vice President Mobile & amp; Consumer Business Sensirion, explains why this expansion was so important for Sensirion

Market & amp; technology. Previously focused Sensirion [1] on sensor hardware and its integration into end-applications. With the expansion of the cloud business of Koubachi now evolving towards software vendors. If a sensor manufacturers nowadays deal with topics such as cloud, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to be sustainable

Andrea Orzati: Yes, I am firmly convinced. In the future it will become increasingly important to offer a complete technology from a single source. Our sensors are already very well received by the customers. But they need not only the hardware but also the integration know-how. Both, we have long been. The cloud technology was now the next logical step for us. So we close the circle of the hardware on the integration to software support and cloud tools.

With extremely miniaturized sensors Sensirion has taken the mobile communications market in particular. If there your focus for the future or is a transfer of the technology in applications such as industrial 4.0 conceivable?

We already have many years of experience in the field of sensor technologies for industrial, automotive, medical and also for traditional automation applications. The mobile communications market was added for us only about three to four years. In this respect, we address the combined technology from Sensirion and Koubachi clearly also applications of the industry 4.0. The cloud is new for all industries – but they will hold in every single collection, I am convinced. Generally it comes to collect the data collected by the sensors, to bring them to the cloud and offer individual evaluation possibilities there. Here is the added value for the customer, no matter what market segment it operates.

The added value the recipe for success is …

Yes, the only way to to be successful on the market. What is the value of each customer expects, depends on the unique requirements. Since each market is different, and in each of the markets turn every customer. Our task is to identify the differences and to find the optimal solution for the customer. We create value by combining our sometimes very highly miniaturized sensors with software and integration know-how and cloud presence. These are building blocks for success

After the step into the cloud business.? – What you also need to be prepared for the future

Currently, we are well positioned to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. But we also do not sleep. We always consider what new value the customer might need, what other sensor technologies could be interesting. We currently do not have a lot of work to do regarding the integration of Sensirion- and Koubachi technologies. We then look no further.

What will be the first joint steps?

The first step is to bring together the technologies. For 2015, we expect the first joint solution – probably in the field of mobile communication




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