Monday, August 25, 2014

New technology speeds smartphone charging process – Curved

The Startup Qnovo developed hardware and software that will shorten the loading time of batteries. However, the technology has been in the smartphones are built to be used.

One-third of the available charging time

The frustrating wait until the smartphone battery fully is charged, wants to end a new provider. Qnovo called the young company developing a new technology to speed up the loading process.

Lithium-ion batteries lose power, the more often they are charged. Qnovo therefore analyzed the charging performance of the user and recharges the battery not continuously on, but in several stages. Ten minutes Charging power the phone with six hours of run time, the manufacturer promises. The entire loading process takes only a third of the usual time, so Qnovo.

market entry in 2015

However, the faster recharge only works on smart phones that support this technology. Therefore, the startup is currently in negotiations with major producers, who should in future incorporate Qnovo. The first devices that have installed the chip and the software of the Californian company to come to market in 2015.


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