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First ground source brine / water heat pump with inverter technology … –

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(08/15/2014) As brine / water heat pump uses the new Rotex HPU ground -
 nomen est omen – geothermal power through geothermal probes or surface collectors. You
 relies on inverter technology and extends the established Rotex portfolio of
 Air / water and gas hybrid heat pumps

in memory. With Inverter Heat Pumps
 a significantly higher efficiency compared to seasonal
 “ON / OFF” -controlled heat pump possible. If the building does not
 full heat output required, also regulates the heat pump their
 Corresponding power back. This ground is less
 Deprived of energy, resulting in an increase of the brine temperature.

Particularly switch operating at partial load old conventional
 Heat pumps continuously variable “ON” and “OFF”, so that the
 Brine temperature continues to drop significantly. To the required
 To achieve temperature rises, wherein the “ON” / “OFF”
 Heat pumps, increased energy expenditure required.

Thanks to inverter technology can consistently higher
 Brine outlet temperature are maintained. This higher
 Brine temperature leads to a higher and more uniform
 Evaporation temperature, and thus a higher efficiency of the
 Heat pump, combined with reduced operating costs.

On the other hand, required by building additional power
 is, the Rotex heat pump with a so-called
 BOOST function increase the power of 10 kW to 13 kW, without
 must engage an additional heater.

The HPU ground is factory equipped with an integrated 180-liter stainless steel hot water tank. This causes the
 Considerably reduced installation time. The combination of
 Heat pump module and memory, the system is relatively compact and comes with a small footprint from. The
 complete control is an integrated, electronic
 Control user-friendly and can be intuitively
 . use

 Information on HPU ground can be made by
  E-mail are required at Rotex

see for additional information.


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