Monday, August 18, 2014

Nano-Dress: This t-shirt will never dirty – Business Week

A special nano-technology makes pure cotton waterproof garment. Where the new fabrics may be used.

The Australian clothing company Smiths thread has a special T-shirt developed that is capable to repel water and dirt. The fabric is cotton, in a hydrophobic, ie water-repellent, nano-technology is woven. According Thread Smiths the natural properties of the lotus leaf

be imitated.

Unlike other water repellent textiles manufacturer is not working with aerosols, created in accordance with are applied to the fabric weave. “Any residue on the garment can be easily wiped or rinsed off with water”, the manufacturer promises.

Currently only T-shirts produced in this way, but other products are planned to be . Another potential of use for the new material is about in restaurants and kitchens. Aprons and chef jackets should be washed less often because stains adhere bad.

The Nano-cotton is machine washable and retains its properties up to 80 washes long, only then should the water-repellent function decline. The manufacturer also recommends the use of a tumble dryer, this is to maintain the water-repellent substance function. The price of the special fabric is handsome: Each shirt costs 65 Australian dollars, about 45 euros



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