Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Leit-item Lumia 930: Nokia’s colorful legacy – Handelsblatt

The packaging and the device are still traces of the glorious past to see: The Lumia 930 comes from the design studios and factories of Nokia. It is the last device of the once largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world that has its hardware division since sold to Microsoft. The Windows Group plans to pay off the traditional brand, only the label for the Lumia smartphone series remains.

If you will, the Nokia Lumia 930 is legacy. It is a worthwhile legacy, albeit with a blemish.

The new top model of Microsoft is apparently in the tradition of Lumia smartphones. First, it is high-quality – the display with its rounded corners and the back cover to go over in a frame in matt aluminum. Second, it is relatively difficult – with a weight of 165 grams, it is but still good in the hand. . And third, there is the unit in the trendy colors green and orange – as well as classic black or white

Who studied the datasheet exactly, is clear: the device is also closely related to another Nokia smartphone, namely the giant smartphone Lumia 1520 (here’s the test). Processor and memory are identical, but packaged in a more manageable five-inch housing. The components are no longer the newest of the new, but still belong to the class and allow operation without any lag. Also the data LTE Turbo makes surfing for pace. The screen like: The Oled technology delivers clear colors and crisp contrasts, even in sunlight from the side can still enjoy a movie halfway.

But with a fast processor and send screen you can barely stand a manufacturer in today’s smartphone world. That’s why Nokia has invested heavily in the development of its camera technology.

This also benefits the Lumia 930 It has a Carl Zeiss optics, the images with 20 megapixel resolution shoots – then the software calculates a recording with five megapixels, which should be especially sharp, thanks to the detailed presentation . There is also an image stabilizer and two LED lights for dark situations

The photos are great. Many details, good lighting, clear contrasts. Even at dusk the recordings succeed quite appealing – otherwise a weakness of smartphones. However, it takes a while before the clippers is ready: To wake it from standby mode, you have to press more than two seconds on the release button. Since other smartphones are faster.


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