Friday, August 22, 2014

PS4 Manufacturer: Sony wants the technology market as once revolutionize … –

The culture of innovation at Sony is strongly advised in the past decades to a halt: the more inflexible is all the greater a company is! he. By the time a project gets green light, various levels of management must be run – and then it is usually too late. That’s why many great innovations in the technology industry have come from start-ups. Quick communication and command paths allow rapid in responding to ever-changing environment in the technology market

In addition, large corporations are lazy. Tried and tested products such as televisions, smart phones or consoles are constantly being improved, but the great revolution, triggered by an innovative, novel idea, remains off. As a major innovation leader this decade Apple can be called. Just as Sony once revolutionized the world with the Walkman, Apple has lifted our society with the smartphones to a new level of communication.

Sony wants to develop this position again, want to be a leader in innovation. Therefore, a new unit was established within Sony that deals exclusively with new, innovative ideas. The department is led by Shinji Odajima and rated the innovative ideas of Sony employees. Perhaps the next big innovation lies dormant in the minds of some Sony employees? 800 Sony employees have applied for a position in the new department is place for 200 – the majority are young, motivated minds who bring visionary thinking

The new Sony department was for the simple. founded reason that the Group is driven into a wall. It was at a loss and did not know where you would get new ideas forth. “We’re in a crisis of innovation,” said Odajima against the Japanese business journal Nikkei (via Engadget).

The new Innovation Division at Sony is currently reviewing the first Ideen.Ob the next big product innovation actually in this department is born?


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