Wednesday, August 20, 2014

H as hologram: Future in 3 D – Handelsblatt

There he is again on the stage: in 1996 shot dead musician Tupac Shakur. Shirtless, flashy chain, the crotch almost to his knees, he stood in 2012 at an American music festival alongside his fellow rapper Snoop Dog was on stage. Using the same technique, the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is risen again so to speak for a concert evening – and given a taste of the entertainment industry of tomorrow.

Worldwide, scientists and developers at the so-called hologram technology. You should bring spatial, lifelike video images in the cinema hall, into the living room, museum or shop window. The technique of holography is not that complicated. It uses the wave nature of light, a two-dimensional image display three-dimensional. Multi-stage happens the projection and makes the motives appear to float freely in space.

Open The additive manufacturing virtually unlimited opportunities for the industry.

electronics giants such as Samsung and LG have discovered holographic images as a strategic growth area, and South Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge economy will drive the development decided by 2020. Also, Apple and Sony are participating in the race.

The new representation method find many useful applications and make by far not only the disturbing glasses in 3D cinema superfluous. The process is, among other things in archeology and in the operating room to use. The holographic endoscopy takes spatial images from inside the body on or in the industry hard to reach areas in the machine. Deformations in organs or parts are visible

In addition to he used in science and medicine holograms find few startling use -. Around when they take the product presentation at the Cebit, inform at airports, passengers or even mutate into a pop star. Unlike the concert visions of Tupac and Mercury the Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku takes no actual role model for their success.

The child’s manga figure with long green hair and a short school uniform has sung with her synthesized voice over 100,000 songs; for each fan is something for everyone. You have compared to a real pop star believes some advantages to developers Yuki Yamaguchi: “You always hits the notes. She makes no mistakes on stage. The performances are perfect every time. “This music company Crypton Future Media calls his artificial money machine a” virtual star “. Although she had no personality, “but the art comes from all the people who give their input.”


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