Monday, August 18, 2014

Technology-Country Austria: From the EU-tip field far away –

  • Austria’s research in Europe, according to WIFO currently only in the middle. Tech leader like Sweden spend much more on R & Announcements. E from

Austria but am at a crossroads with the threat of arrest, was the conclusion of a WIFO study on Austria as the technology provider. Therefore need to be further developed strengths, already flowing around two-thirds of the subsidies in the.

Austria is in the research, according to WIFO chief Karl Aiginger currently good middle class, but from the leading countries. The F & E-rate was currently at 2.9 percent, and so far from leaders such as Finland, Sweden or Switzerland. Those who do not invest in the crisis in research, do not come out of the crisis, he said.

Austria was in some technologies, the world market leader and have potential for more. Technology provider with a high global market share and higher technology content is Austria in machinery and transport equipment, metal products, innovative materials and environmental technology. The best strategy is to go in the existing areas of strength in dynamic markets, so Aiginger. Two-thirds of the funding went to those areas in which one is strong. That is quite a lot. But it is a good development, if one is specialized, but not specialized. The efficiency could be improved by a focus on the strengths and potential.

On the question of higher means Bures said today in a press conference, it is the art and the task in difficult economic times to ensure that you invest where you strengthen research and location, the unemployment fight and think openly in other areas, “with what impact you can make savings.”

Infrastructure Ministry and TU Vienna jointly founded the first Austrian “pilot factory “to support the economy for” industrial 4.0 “. This is a realistic model of a factory and will start operation in early 2015, from 2016 further 3-5 this pilot factories are advertised, Bures announced today in a press conference with TU Rector Sabine Seidler and Ainginger.

250 million euros by 2015

Overall, the Ministry of Infrastructure (bmvit) for his current focus is placed on “Industry 4.0″ in the years 1014 and 2015, more than 250 million euro on grants available . It is also about networking, the merger of production and communication.

There is a close connection between “industrial 4.0″ and the broadband billion, Bures said today. This should be included in requests for more funding for research funding.

important is close coordination of business and politics. The planned in Austria key in the research and development investment by two-thirds for the company and one-third for public budgets to come. Currently, the share of public sector lies at 40 percent.


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