Thursday, August 28, 2014

“Smart Home”: IFA dedicated networking – Handelsblatt

Berlin The “smart” home, where all the electronic components are connected together and can communicate, stands at this year’s IFA so much in the spotlight as never before. The long-cherished idea of ​​the digital home has arrived in the opinion of the industry in the reality. Meanwhile, there are 50 million devices in the consumer electronics that can network with each other, says Hans-Joachim Kamp, board member of the industry association gfu.

The so-called Internet of things seen in the industry as the next big trend. Technologies for home networking will enable new services and services that will help about saving energy with appliances or heaters. You should also open up new possibilities to the user but, for example, continue watching one being played on the TV movie on a tablet or a secondary device without interruption. Or the washing machine answers, if the wash is finished.

With LED technology and intelligent lighting control could communities reduce their spending.

In most solutions smartphone or tablet plays a central role. Mostly, the novel applications can be controlled by an app from users. For smooth communication, especially cross-border standards are important, says Kamp. Often drive still the major manufacturers their own solutions ahead. “But open standards are crucial,” says Kamp. “Meanwhile, everyone is aware.” To establish

In the past, there have been numerous efforts, cross-industry platforms, but so far with limited success. In general, the individual companies are often on their own solutions.

“Cross-networking standards are not necessarily the panacea for the Smart Home”, says Hans Wienands, Germany Manager of Samsung and CEO of the Professional Association of the Consumer Electronics industry association ZVEI. It’ll go well with already available today standards. A unified platform for which it was necessary to physically open under certain circumstances the walls of your home, do not be “market-critical”. There is a variety of solutions based on existing devices and applications, “bring concrete added value and really fun.”


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