Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cyber ​​attacks: FBI suspected Russia for hacking major attack – Business Week

A cyber attack hackers seem to have captured large amounts of customer data from major banks. U.S. security services keep an act of revenge for Russia’s possible.

The U.S. banking giant JPMorgan and other banks are made according to media reports, the target of a large-scale hacker attack. This mid-August had been stolen, among other account information, wrote among other things the financial news agency Bloomberg and the “New York Times”. Some of the banks could come from Europe, it said, citing informed people. According to Bloomberg information there is evidence of an attack from Russia, possibly in conjunction with government agencies. According to the “New York Times” the investigators know not, from which region and on what motives the banks were attacked.

A representative of the U.S. government have confirmed the attack on JPMorgan and spoken by four other banks that had been attacked, Bloomberg wrote. There were a very professionally executed cyber theft of very large amounts of customer data. It would be looked into, among other things, whether the attack could have a political background in light of the recent tensions between Russia and the West to the Ukraine-conflict, Bloomberg wrote. JPMorgan’ve have found no increase in fraud in connection with their customers, reported the “New York Times”, citing an informed person.

“companies our size have unfortunately almost every day to deal with cyber attacks,” said a JPMorgan spokeswoman of the “New York Times”. “We have multiple layers of defense to counter these threats.” Bank hired according to the information in the last few weeks some employees, which have gained experience with Attack Detection in the Defense Ministry. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon had already announced in his annual letter to shareholders, we will take in 2014 more than 250 million dollars in the hand and set about 1000 people to ensure cyber security. The style of the attacks indicates that this is a possible connection to Russia or Eastern Europe, it said on Bloomberg and the “Wall Street Journal”. U.S. security services had also found traces that indicated the involvement of a government. But you are not sure yet. Now the NSA to help with the Enlightenment. The relationship between Russia and the West deteriorated sharply because of Ukraine conflict. USA and EU try especially with tougher sanctions pressure on Russia to build. New measures of Brussels Moscow had recently answered with an import ban on agricultural products from the EU.


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