Friday, August 15, 2014

3D technology in the museum: The cheetah and the mummy –

The Field Museum in Chicago uses 3D printing technology to preparations to receive as digital models and reproduce.

mummification and taxidermy exhibits are to be retained as long as possible, but unfortunately still expire slowly over time. Museum director JP Brown used CT Scanner to get the preparations as virtual 3D models for eternity.

For the latest Exhibitions – The Machine Inside: Biomechanics – was created with 3D printing technology, a section of the real-life copy of a cheetah. This copy can then safely and without declarations for Exhibitions are sent around the world.


The Museum team has already scanned an Egyptian mummy for an interactive show . Visitors can thereby “unpack” the mummy layer by layer.

has made possible these projects Software Mimics by Materialise.

via Materialise


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