Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Knut Blind: “Sustainable Innovations are shaping our future” – Reuters

What innovation has changed the world in the most sustainable?
It would be presumptuous to pick out a particular innovation. Various innovations have advanced the development of mankind in the last millennia significantly. While it previously went to the opening up of the world, but also the use of their resources, are increasingly the “sustainable” Innovations in the literal sense, that is above all the entire range of Green Technologies, determine our future and the future generations. Therefore, we start in the winter semester, a new course “Sustainable Innovation”.

Who is the most visionary?
Here are certainly various religious, philosophical and political visionaries mentioned. I personally have been very impressed as students Dennis Meadows’ report to the limits of growth and I was very happy that I was able to see him a few years ago in Berlin at the idea of ​​updating his study.

In which moments you get your best ideas?
Often when driving with the e-bike through the Grunewald forest on the way to my office at the Technical University of Berlin on the lock island in the Tiergarten.

If the one who has visions, really go to the doctor?
visions range from small, very personal desires to the world’s great designs of the major visionaries. Therefore, a visit to the doctor is unnecessary, as long as these visions for themselves or their fellow human beings do not become a danger.

Germany makes it to # 2 on the most innovative countries in the world. But the position is compromised.

What makes working at the Technical University of Berlin and at the Rotterdam School of Management on the one hand and at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS on the other side for you?
By linking my positions at the university and an application-oriented Fraunhofer Institute I a wide range of exciting activities from teaching about the basic and applied research to policy and management consulting. So I see myself as well as platform manager that interested young people with their ideas and qualifications on the basis of existing knowledge of innovation research with current requirements of the economy and politics brings. Finally, me thinks that working with young people through the ongoing confrontation with new ideas themselves young.


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