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The new Ford Mondeo 2014: Advanced LED technology enables slim … –

Wednesday, 8/13/14 Black, Robert The new Ford Mondeo 2014: Advanced LED technology enables slim and sleek headlight design

the new Mondeo (LED = Light-Emitting Diode)

is Optional as the first Ford vehicle in Europe mitLED technology for order. The new Ford Mondeo 2014: Advanced LED technology enables slim and sleek headlight design

core of the “Ford Dynamic LED” headlights are particularly bright LEDs, which automatically adapt to any environment and driving situation and so for optimal illumination of the road provide. For the driver this means more safety and comfort. What does the “Ford Dynamic LED” headlights so remarkable a combination of three technologies:

LED technology

The low and high beam , daytime running lights and flashing the “Ford Dynamic LED” headlights is completely taken over by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These LED modules provide a highly precise light distribution and produce a bright, natural light. In addition, LEDs are less energy and durable

Adaptive headlight system

The “Ford Dynamic LED” -Scheinwerfersystem the new Mondeo is adaptive, that is., It adapts to the road to. With steering wheel or when the indicator is the beams from the headlights automatically follow curves or intersections and thus provide a better visibility and greater safety when driving at night.

Automatic adjustment of the light distribution and the light width

The “Ford Dynamic LED” headlights of the new Ford Mondeo change their light distribution and the beam width automatically depending on the speed. At higher speeds, such as on the highway, shine the spotlight for optimal distance vision far forward while at a slower pace, for example, in a road game, illuminate the roadsides with and thus provide a rather wide field of view it. Thus, switching from low beam to high beam deleted

The new Mondeo. Modern LED technology enables slim and sleek headlight design

The modern LED technology is not only a comfort and safety, but also opens up the vehicle designers new creative freedom. Because due to their small diameter, the number of diode elements of an LED headlamp can be arranged in patterns nahezubeliebig. In this way, for example, also arrange special lighting effects – some orange flashing lights that light up in a certain sequence and clarify the direction of the turn. Since LEDs generate much less heat than conventional lighting technologies, new LED headlamps components can be used from easily moldable plastic – what the designers benefits

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