Friday, August 22, 2014

Frankfurt implemented highly available data centers – IT Director

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As part of the consolidation of distributed data centers of the city administration Frankfurt / Main, a hosting environment has been implemented in the rent the offices according to their respective needs servers and applications can. This self-service portal, in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment allows the offices to dynamically adapt to changing resource requirements. The data centers also offer housing capacity, which can use the offices to build their own infrastructure in the new buildings.

With the new data center, the city of Frankfurt wants to cut costs, use energy more efficiently, the provisions of the Federal Office comply with the Information Security (BSI) and flexibly deploy new services and features. The data center must be highly available in order for the very different data requirements of offices and businesses can be met, the access to a total of 600 locations with more than 53,000 ports on the infrastructure. Therefore, the Office of ICT decided to modernize its IT infrastructure. Used is now complete OmniSwitch series of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, also the OmniVista network management, MPLS components as well as the manufacturer’s WLAN portfolio. The technique for the short term planned network virtualization is used in the OmniSwitch systems already available.

Unlike other cities and municipalities, instruct the parties to the construction and operation of its network, the city of Frankfurt has its fiber-optic completely even designed and built their own cable connections

Mark Weil, head of networks in the Office of Information and Communication Technology of the City of Frankfurt. “In addition to the high performance and reliability, interoperability is a very important aspect for us . That Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise consistently uses open standards, is for us as the operator of a heterogeneous network is an advantage, because we can simply connect the different components from different manufacturers. This is vital for us because we need to support a wide range of business processes and functions. ”

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