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New VW Model: Golf VIII could have been coming in 2018 – Business Week

After only five years of operation of the Golf VII scheduled to be replaced. The eighth generation of the bestseller VW wants to meet the strict emission standards.

With the seventh generation of the Gulf in 2012 celebrated not only the latest version of the Wolfsburg blockbuster made its debut, also in the VW works drew new technique: the Golf VII based and first VW model to the modular transverse matrix that would revolutionize the development and production within the Group.

After years of gentle evolution of the Gulf generations V, VI and VII apparently is a revolution. The Golf VIII is significantly stronger differ from the actual golf than that of his predecessors. According to reports, the new Golf is wider and shallower, also

to the last very conservatively modified headlights and taillights future advances striking., The model change after just five years fits in the strategy, the VW boss Martin Winterkorn had proclaimed at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. One must consider whether the standard model cycles of seven to eight years does not have to be much shorter, meaning winter grain. In the race with Toyota the world market leader Volkswagen apparently wants to tighten the pace and the words of the chiefs now follow the action.

saving programs in the German carmaker

  • VW for brand Volkswagen

    VW CEO Martin Winterkorn wants to save five billion euros per year by 2017, otherwise it looks the competitiveness and productivity of his company in danger. in 2018 to six percent return on sales in its books, in 2013 only 2.9 percent came together. Winterkorn had to want to be the target output by 2018 world leader, the return is an important part of the strategy. Save Winterkorn wants when shopping as well as lower investment and fixed costs. He also complained about high costs in building new factories as well as the launch of new models.

  • Daimler

    Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche fears for the return target of ten percent. So he prescribed a further stage of “Fit for Leadership” program – what medium should save 3.5 billion euros per year. That by 2014 the objective to which a reduction in expenditure of two billion euros was not enough.

  • BMW

    The Munich premium automobile manufacturer will save three to four billion euros per year by 2020. As reported, the “Manager Magazin” on June 18, citing Consolidated circles. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has the consulting firm McKinsey charged with developing the project. The savings program is intended to ensure that the operating margin of the Group lies in the targeted corridor of eight to ten percent in the long term.

But Winterkorn also sits on an important deadline in the neck: As of 2020, 95 percent of new vehicles must comply with the EU-wide emissions target of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer. This corresponds to a consumption of 4 , 1 liter petrol or 3.6 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. No wonder VW until then the new model with targeted 30 percent will have less consumption in the offer.

In addition to a lighter construction, which will save about 50 kg, the VW developers are also working on more fuel-efficient engines. So the “AMS” assumes that the motors are equipped with cylinder deactivation to save fuel at part load can. It would also be likely also that the new three-cylinder diesel engine from the Polo is also incorporated in the larger Gulf. The most economical variant of the 1.4-liter compression-ignition occurs in the Polo to a standard consumption of 3.2 liters, meeting the stringent EU regulations.

Innovative technology will help in saving

According to “Autocar” is also a development of the twin-clutch transmission to help in saving. The sails function which already occurs in some VW models with DSG gearbox used is therefore developed in two steps further. So far, the transmission shifts at higher speeds only when decelerating in the economical freewheel. This is the future, even at very low speeds, such as in city traffic, be possible. In a further step the motor is to be held in the freewheeling switch be turned off completely without power steering or brake booster lose their function. Thus reduced assuming the same road the running time of the engine -., And thus the consumption

“” speculation about a flywheel the car when starting to support. When braking the flywheel is charged and stores the kinetic energy purely mechanical. Should start driving the car again, the flywheel its energy via an electric motor off again. The advantage of the flywheel hybrid: the expensive and heavy battery deleted. Moreover, speaks for the flywheel that the VW subsidiary Audi uses such a system for several years in his highly successful Le Mans racing car and already has extensive experience with the technique.

Also of Audi could be accepted idea of ​​an electrically assisted turbocharger. This experimental technique in which the turbocharger is driven not only by the flowing exhaust gases, but also an electric motor has recently been presented in RS5 TDI concept. Here is the great advantage that the turbo thanks to the electric motor independently of the engine speed can pump oxygen into the combustion chambers. Quasi from the idle speed is at full torque, which allows fuel-efficient driving style at low engine speeds. Yet it is only a technical study to the start of the Gulf VIII but it could bring to the production stage.

In addition, cited “Autocar” a VW Insinder what would VIII examines “a series of aerodynamic measures” for the Golf. The VW technicians seem to want to use their knowledge of the fuel-saving car XL1. From this model, which consumes one liter per 100 kilometers, a small series of 200 vehicles is now offered – at a price of 111,000 euros. The radical approaches of the XL1 is the Golf can hardly take over, finally, are the requirements meet as a practical family car to the extreme streamlined shape.

But where saved in one place at great expense, invite the developers elsewhere complex and heavy auxiliary systems again. How should the golf assume VIII numerous assistance systems of the new Passat, such as the cockpit, Füßgängerassistent, head-up display or the infotainment system with Mirror-link function. Thus, the user interface of the smartphone can be mirrored at the display in the cockpit.


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