Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gain: Apple gets a social media chief – Business Week

Apple sets the former social media boss of Nike and Burberry. Will the company in future be more present in the social networks?

Apple is expanding its marketing team of Musa Tariq, formerly at Nike and Burberry responsible for digital strategy is known as “Digital Marketing Director” future for the presence the company in the net charge.

Apple’s presence in the social networks has been somewhat unremarkable. There are few official appearances, including the Facebook pages for the App Store and iTunes, and Twitter accounts for some iTunes services. The industry competitors Microsoft and Samsung are there one step further and do all sorts of social media channels, sometimes even including the customers. Does Apple now follow a similar path?

In Nike Tariq took care of the dissemination of product information and collaboration with athletes on social media. Particularly outstanding was a campaign in which athletes should imagine a shoe in a video -. Concrete without showing him

headed for Burberry Tariq the social media campaign for the annual events during the London Fashion Show. In addition, he was responsible for the “Tweetwalk” campaign, have already been presented in ahead of the London fashion show outfits.

Tariq has worked at Burberry, together with Apple’s chief Angela Ahrendts trade and made an important contribution to the development of the brand. Which way Apple wants to go specifically is not yet clear.


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