Thursday, August 21, 2014

The second spring of SHDSL technology – electronic practice

broadband communications, networks and the digital home are among the trendsetters of the future. To support its customers in the best possible here, the distributor CODICO Ie: on LANTIQ solutions.

For high data rates over long copper cables the SHDSL transmission technology is still unsurpassed. SHDSL is an ITU standard and referred to the global standard for S ingle-Pair H ighspeed- D igital- S ubscriber- L ines. Lantiq provides SHDSL-based transceiver, the data rates up to 15 Mbit / s per copper pair and ranges far beyond 10 km permitting.

The one-chip solution Lantiq the design-in of a SHDSL ports is just as easy as using an Ethernet Phy. The chip provides standard MII and TDM interfaces and enables the integrated bonding Engine data rates up to 60 Mbps over four pairs, for. Example via a CAT5 cable.

SHDSL as broadband transmission technology

15 years after its launch, the SHDSL technology experienced a renaissance in industrial applications. Specifically, when long copper cables are already installed or for remote supply are even necessary to SHDSL offers as broadband transmission technology. Examples are surveillance cameras, vending machines, billboards and public infotainment systems, traffic control systems and measurement and control applications.

Even in classic business-access segment, there are still growth opportunities in areas without fiber infrastructure. 100 Mbit / s symmetric data rates are for. Example of high value for hotels and businesses and can be easily implemented in the rule, as already eight or more telephone lines are installed.

LANTIQ Socrates is in the past years the de-facto standard and has become synonymous with SHDSL communication. He is by far the most innovative product in the market and has a strong market position conquered. With a maximum of 650 mW per line LANTIQ Socrates uses less than half as much energy as the nearest competitor. Digital part and analog front end are in a 19 x 19 mm 2 hidden LBGA package and come up with only two supply voltages.

In addition, the chip requires no external memory and the configuration is a simple 8-bit microcontroller sufficient. The integrated bonding flexible engine can distribute data streams from the TDM, UTOPIA, MII and SS-MII interfaces on the SHDSL lines; in so-called dual bearer mode even in parallel TDM and Ethernet.

Future-proof manufacturing processes and regular firmware updates ensure the long-term availability of safe, which is especially for customers in the industrial segment of particular importance.

LANTIQ continuously invests in its product line

In the ITU standard G.991.2. to G.SHDSL (Single Pair High Speed ​​DSL) data rates up to 5.7 Mbit / s per line and mittles bonding of up to four lines are specified up to 23 Mbit / s. IEEE 802.3ah (EFM Ethernet First Mile) specifies the Ethernet Phy for cable lengths over 750 meters. The LANTIQ Socrates is 100% SHDSL EFM and standards compliant and provides the best interoperability in the market. Moreover, as mentioned above, also significantly higher data rates and ranges are achieved by LANTIQ-proprietary modes.

Up to 60 Mbit / s symmetric data rate in a 4-channel applications between one Socrates at each line end possible. The range can be boosted significantly still, if thicker copper lines are used. With a pipe radius of 1.4 mm z. B. may have a twisted more than 300 kbit / s can be transmitted over 50 km.

Worldwide hundreds of applications are in use, based on LANTIQ Socrates. New applications benefit from the maturity of the technology, the experience of many design houses and the LANTIQ Customer Support. Designs can now be introduced at a record rate in the market. Three months from design start to mass production are no longer a rarity.


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