Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NB warning technology GmbH by lawyers farmer and partner … –

We have received inquiries about the currently or even a warning from the NB Technologie GmbH from 07.29.2014 before. We had last year a lot of warnings NB Technologie GmbH in progress. The NB Technologie GmbH is now represented apparently by another firm.

The accusation is made the Abgemahnt in this new warning, is that jewelry with the additional designation is “nickel free” advertised, although the jewelry offered nickel-containing.

The current warning statuiert a further allegation. Thus, besides an alleged violated antitrust and patent infringement is given by the term “nickel free”.

In the warning letter states that the NB Technology GmbH is the sole owner of the European patent with the no. 2209924, which use the and licensing not nickel-alloyed stainless steel for watches, watch parts, jewelry, piercings etc. embrace.

is then implemented in the warning that even in the case of the offered jewelry should be nickel free, a violation of the law is given as the clientele would also not trade. This point is in the current warnings again.

We are regarding this allegation, currently still in testing, can the argument but at this point understand not.

In the warning it says further, that the principle of clientele a compensation in the amount of € 50,000.00 would be required and the omission would be measured at 30.0000 € object value. It is then submitted to the “offer” to settle the matter by a lump sum payment in the amount of € 5,000.00. In addition, we require the submission of a penalty clause statement

You should the claims asserted -. Whether the omission or that the debt – not comply unaudited. The warning should be checked strictly by a specialist IP lawyer.

If you also a warning, have received a court order, a preliminary injunction or lawsuit, we are available nationwide with our help. The lawyers working in our office look now at several thousand warning procedures in the field of copyright, competition law and trademark law back

Your advantage:.

  • Specialized consulting basis of relevant experience.
  • Personal and close consultation and support.
  • Cost transparency from the beginning and fair flat fee.
  • Nationwide representation.
  • Easy handling of the mandate .

For a first short free assessment of your case, you can reach us by phone. Also, you can alternatively send us the warning, for example, by e-mail. We will call you back for free.

In the case of a mandate issued a firm fixed price is agreed with you for the extrajudicial representation. The true even if the risk of further warnings should exist. Cost transparency is important for our clients. For more information about current warnings are also available on our newly designed office website or in our Abmahnblog.

We represent your interests nationwide!


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